Medical equipment supply and turnkey healthcare facilities

Finasi is specialized in hospital turnkey projects realization and serves the whole spectrum of the supply for turnkey Healthcare facilities: Feasibility, Supply, Wastewater SystemsLogistics, Installation and Training, After Sales Service.


Finasi Contact Person

Eng. Bahaa Al Sairafi

Healthcare projects

St. Mary Hospital

St. Mary’s Hospital

What: Medical equipment

The Italian Cooperation for the Development Department, under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, financed the medical equipment supply of St. Mary’s Hospital in northern Uganda. Finasi supplied the medical equipment for operating theaters (OT) and it has carried out an intense training program to the local physicians and technicians.

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Hospital Building

Ministry of Health Khartoum State

Sharg Al Nile is a 250 beds public General Hospital, opened in 2010, with the aim of providing state-of-the art diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Finasi has managed the complete supply of all the Medical Equipment and Furniture of the Hospital, the Company has been awarded in 2008 by the Ministry of Khartoum State.

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Operating Room

Qianxian Traditional Hospital

What: Medical equipment

The Italian Cooperation for the Development Department, under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, promoted in the year 2000 a deep renewal of the medical equipments of the Qian-Xinan Traditional Hospital in Xingyi City, in the Chinese province of Guizhou.

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Operating Room

Social Solidarity Fund

The Libyan Social Solidarity Fund in 2005 commissioned to Finasi the Medical Equipment and Hospital Furniture Supply for the complete renewal and modernization of Zanzour Rehabilitation Centre. Finasi supplied and installed the equipments and furniture of all the departments of the facility, including Radiology equipments a CT scan.

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The activities developed over 40 years all over the world grant us the experience and skills to identify the best solution for any healthcare facility need: from small clinics to the largest medical complexes.

Finasi intends to be a partner for hospitals and healthcare facilities and institutions:

  • planning equipment, furniture and disposable items demand
  • comparing with expected budget
  • supplying the full range of medical equipment and hospital furniture

Finasi offers state-of-the-art high quality products at competitive prices, paying attention to all the specific clinical, environmental and technical specifications of its customers, aiming at the best solution for the different healthcare realities.

Its offers range from small private clinics to big general hospitals, meeting all the standards of technology a customer may ask for, guaranteing the availability of the whole range of spare parts of the installed products, wherever they are installed, thanks to its wide network of suppliers. Finasi also supplies the best consumables and disposable products on the market, on request or on planned supplies, as per the different needs in terms of storage and consumption of its clients.

Wastewater systems
Finasi provides tailor-made plants, designed, produced, installed, maintained and operated by our specialized staff.Finasi uses the Membrane Bio-Reactors (MBR) technology, actually the best performing treatment for wastewater, installed on containers for an easy and extremely fast setting of the plants. All the solutions are optimized on the hospital needs, based on water analysis performed by Finasi, actual wastewater outflows, adapting to the existing layout of the hospital sewage system with a strong commitment in respecting the environment.

Logistics, Installation and Training
In each supply project, Finasi guarantees a continuative presence of its qualified staff to follow on-site all the issues regarding shipping, customs, installation, testing and integration among the various medical systems, for the whole duration of the project.

The project team usually includes a full-time dedicated Project Manager who coordinates a team of technicians, supported by the Logistics Department at Finasi Headquarters in Milan. Training to end-users and local maintenance staff is assured by our highly specialized staff.

After sales service
Finasi’s activities continue after the start-up of its new hospitals, in its vision of proposing itself as a long-lasting partner for Healthcare facilities. Finasi guarantees one-year warranty on all the supplied equipment, with the presence of resident technical staff providing preventive and corrective maintenance, global managing of all equipment and granting a complete Clinical Engineering Service.